The Club

The Club is a non-profit incorporated association governed by a Constitution.  A Board consisting of 15 elected members, overseen by an executive made up of the President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer, administer the objectives of the Club.  The Board meets at least monthly and is responsible for the administration and future planning of the Club.  The board represents the interests of the entire club and is answerable to the club members at each AGM.

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The Executive Board

The North Eastern MetroStars Soccer Club is a financially strong and an ambitious Club.  We are served well by long standing and supportive sponsors who not only provide financial assistance but also lend a wealth of management experience, support and guidance.  The MetroStars Executive is well supported by a board of elected members comprising, Sports Director, Game day Coordinator, Building and Security Manager, Public Relations / Merchandising Manager, Junior Committee Coordinator, Sponsorship & Marketing Director, Functions Co-ordinator, Canteen & Bar Manager and Hall Manager.

2017 Executive Committee

Andrew Perrone
Rob Rende
Lenny Cali
Franco Principe
Grace Fusco
Franco Principe
David De Conno
Open Position
Nicola Di Lorenzo
Open Position
Vice President
Sports Director
Junior Co-Ordinator
Building and Grounds Manager

Junior Sub - Committee

The Junior Committee consists of an Executive Board Committee member as chair, the Junior Delegate, and a representative from parents of the junior teams.  The Junior Committee, in conjunction with members of the Executive Committee and coaches meet regularly once each season finishes to plan for the coming season.  Items include trial dates, pre-season training, coaching appointments, Football Federation SArequirements, fees, games etc.

Once the season commences the Junior Committee meets monthly to discuss issues related to all aspects of junior development.  The Junior Delegate reports items from the monthlyFootball Federation SA  meetings and the Executive Committee member reports on matters that arise from the monthly executive meetings to ensure the policies and objectives of the club are maintained.  Other items discussed are player issues, fundraising, grounds improvement etc.

The Junior Committee assists the executive board with sponsorship, and is responsible for the operation of the junior sports activities during the season.